TUMBLE was born in 2009 in Milan.

Their first aim was to records music for a documentary, creating patterns with a narrative structures usefull for a film.

Belfi and Faravelli create their own sound world throught instant composition/improvisation. The results of their compositional process is a chaotic as weel as rational music where rhythms created by drums and electroacoustic devices melts together with magmatic movement of sounds diffused by broken and modified speakers.

Organic sound mass, both delicate and wild Spontaneous interaction between drums, percussion, and electronics Digital pulses diffused trought a pile of modified woofers Soundcycleswhichcreateoniric landscapes Broken speakers Layers of noise which create electroacoustic textures Primitive polyrhythms Dirty and uncontrolled funk rhythm and sounds Feedbacks and pure sine waves Tangled up pattern Tumble loves the error and uses it well.